On April 10th 1912 the Titanic left Southampton on her maiden voyage bound for New York.  Just before midnight on April 14th she struck an iceberg and less than 3 hours later, on April 15th this magnificent liner sank with loss of more than 1500 souls.  Over 700 passengers and crew did, however, manage to leave the sinking vessel in the lifeboats.  They then spent a very cold and dark night rowing on the North Atlantic Ocean before the Carpathia came to their rescue.  Captain A H Rostron was in command of this 13603 grt steamer which had left New York April 11th bound for Trieste, with 740 passengers, when the radio operator heard Titanic's CQD/SOS as he was retiring for the night.  Carpathia reached the lifeboats with survivors from the Titanic at 4 o'clock inthe morning and by 8 o'clock when he was certain that the rescue was complete, Captain Rostron, after very careful consideration decided to return to New York with all 706 survivors.  It was these people, who were the able to give full account of all the events leading up to the sad loss of the Titanic.
During the last 100 years many articles and books have been written, documentaries and films have been made, relating the facts of this tragic event, thus making the Titanic probably the most well known ship of all time.
Let us therefore, "Honour the Rescuer", Captain Arthur Henry Rostron, as it is thanks to him and the crew of the Carpathia that the FULL story has been told many times, with no doubt, more books being written and film footage made as we approach the 100 year anniversary.
The evidence given by the survivors rescued by Captain Rostron and his crew led to many of the safety rules and regulations now in force for all shipping worldwide.   One of the most significant being that there must be lifeboats/rafts to accommodate ALL passengers and crew onboard every vessel. 
All the money raised by the, "Honour the Rescuer", fund is in aid of the RNLI.  Their brave and courageous crews carry out rescues in the same spirit as the Rescuer who saved 706 souls.
The RNLI have agreed that all the money raised would be used to purchase a specific item which will bear a plaque stating, "In memory of Sir Arthur Henry Rostron and crew of the Carpathia". 
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